I used to know how to count 1 up to 10 in Somalian.
Thanks to the bus ride with AIC people :)


This one is for you Nida

We have lot of things in common, besides our name ( Fida Nida).
We have common thoughts, well maybe it's because we're at the same phase; adolescence. I don't know. She's good in words and describing things. Though we seperated by ocean, she knows what I think, how I feel, and she knows how to explain it in words.

I miss her. Truck loads.

Dedicated to Nida since she's the best commentor on my blog (haha). Tania and Ala, just wait, I'll be making one for you too.


What is it?

Why do I always regret things that happened to me?
Why do I always insist that I'm not in the right place?
Why do I always wanna be like them?
Why do I always wanna have something I know I can't have?

and I won't stop asking.