A runaway

cousin- brother- me

That picture taken in Pantai Panjang, Bengkulu, August 2008.
Man, I miss having a holiday.
I want fresh air, and some greens and blues.
My holiday only revolves around family and friends, but mostly families. If it's not picking my sister from her school then it's babysitting my youngest sister. They're okay jobs. But when you do it all the time, you brain twists. Very monotone.


Rythm of my heart: flat.


I dream big

Have you ever feel the urge of having something you can not have?
You tell yourself that it isn't worth it, but you still wanna have it.
You tell yourself that there are other things better than 'it' but still, doesn't work.
What kinda feel is that?
How do you overcome it?


Another unimportant post during holiday

boredom is my best friend.


The art of letting go.
Sincere, that's all you need. Feel and enjoy it.
It doesn't hurt that much.