Clouds and you, are the two things that I want to figure out the most.

I want to figure out what clouds really are and what's inside them. I'd like to imagine that they're bunch of fluffy pillows once you lay your head, you never wanna get up again. I sometimes imagine them as vanilla ice cream or something creamy that melts, once it reaches your mouth. Another time, I'd like to imagine them as God's play-doughs and God is playing with them, trying to make figures which humans have to guess. On top of it all, I finally figure out that they're just some mass of water droplets in the sky and there's nothing really inside it. They're not fluffy nor they're creamy, they're just mass of water droplets you can't touch.

With you, it's different. I imagine you in every shape just the way I imagine clouds, but I never figure out what's behind every glance you give or every curves of your smiles. Perhaps not yet. But at least I can touch you; you're a visible mass that I can touch and interact with.