I am back to normal

and I wish we coincidentally go to the same supermarket, we talk for moment and we become great friends.
No wait, we've talked!
That's good, should be remember my name then. But I act like a jerk.
No that's not good.

Sigh. It could've been beautiful.

Oh seniorr.


Quadriple shts.

Why do I have to understand how people feel when they can't even understand mine?


I feel like eating my lecturer alive, grr.
Screw you people.


In search of myself

Popularity is every teenge girl's problem.

And I am lost,
It's very blur, I can't see anything
I rely on my senses and feelings.
All I know, I have to survive.


Speed of Sound

(title: Coldplay)

And if I understand how everybody feels,
I will never hurt them deliberately,
You will never hurt us deliberately,
We will never hurt anyone,
But that's out of human behaviour

I think.


And I say

Success is when you achieve what you want in life.
And most people doesn't know what you want.
So, when they see you as a product of failure.
Proof them, that this is only the beginning of your success.


31 August 2008- 31 August 2009
It's been a year since I became a college student, time does fly fast.

To be grateful for what you have is easier than complaining what you don't have.